Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sorority Life Cheats Tips

To be updated soon

Zoo World Cheats and hints

Its not a real cheat but its a way to get money fast.
you need to find the treasure in the zoo ( yours and friends ) having a treasure seeker ( you can get one in the shop under staff ) will make you find it automatically. then go visiting your friends and click on the people that visited them every new person will give you a new treasure adding money to your account. The size of the treasure grows with your zoo.

To add a small ‘cheat’ to the Reload Every Plugin for Firefox ( google it ) do a right click on the shop tab ( or any other one ) and choose to open it in a new tab. do this 50 times.
Now enjoy the quick and dirty money making trick :) It works, I make millions overnight :) Every tab has it owns counter and isn’t running at the same time as the original tab, so every so day ends a second different. So you get 50x your today profit. Doesn’t seem to work with more than 50 tabs at my PC. But be sure to have enough memory cause it can get slow with so many active browser tabs :D

Also in firefox you can use the reloadevery (10 minutes works) and it works because we are sick and tired of not getting money when we are afk